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Meet the Neighbors!

Marlborough staff finds itself a little groggy this sunny Friday morning as we recover from our very first Resident meet and greet last night. It was a lovely evening with wine, refreshments, fascinating conversations and new friendships formed. It’s always fun seeing people come together in a new space, and we were especially warmed by just how engaging and friendly our building mix is!

Stay tuned for our next scheduled event which will be held in the 6000 square foot Garden Terrace. We will be testing out the new firepit and grill–two recent transplants from a part of the country that truly knows how to barbecue have volunteered to man the fire. We’re open for suggestions for future events. There were discussions last night about a monthly Resident potluck that might just come to fruition.

A wonderful evening with a really sweet group of people; well worth a little sleep deprivation. Until next time!

Active Lifestyle at Marlborough

Discovering clear skies after a busy day, I quickly put on the running shoes and headed out the door to get to know the neighborhood a little better. As an active runner, this is one area that I had not previously explored and I was eager to see where the roads took me. I headed South and quickly found myself facing some of the best training hills I have enocountered in the city; not so steep as to stop me in my tracks, but challenging enough to earn my respect. I finished my run and just a few blocks from home found myself in front of the new Mad Pizza location. Too tempting to pass up, I rewarded myself with an awesome slice of pizza, an apple/spinach/gorgonzola salad and a beer. It was a perfect inaugural run in my new digs, and I look forward to doing more training on these hills. The rain shower in my studio was greatly appreciated as well.

Hello world!

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