Active Lifestyle at Marlborough

Discovering clear skies after a busy day, I quickly put on the running shoes and headed out the door to get to know the neighborhood a little better. As an active runner, this is one area that I had not previously explored and I was eager to see where the roads took me. I headed South and quickly found myself facing some of the best training hills I have enocountered in the city; not so steep as to stop me in my tracks, but challenging enough to earn my respect. I finished my run and just a few blocks from home found myself in front of the new Mad Pizza location. Too tempting to pass up, I rewarded myself with an awesome slice of pizza, an apple/spinach/gorgonzola salad and a beer. It was a perfect inaugural run in my new digs, and I look forward to doing more training on these hills. The rain shower in my studio was greatly appreciated as well.

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